Episode 00 - Why You Should Listen to Predicting The Turn w/ Dave Knox


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Episode 0 -Why You Should Listen to Predicting The Turn w/ Dave Knox

Show Transcript:

Dave Knox:                        

I'm your host Dave Knox and this is Predicting the Turn, a show that helps business leaders meet their industry's inevitable disruption head on.

Logan Lyles:                       

Welcome to the very first episode of Predicting the Turn. We're here today with Dave Knox, the host of the show. My name is Logan Lyles, I'm one of the producers of this podcast. Today, I'll be talking to Dave about what you, the listener, can expect from this show.

Before we jump right into that; Dave, welcome to the show. I'd love for you to tell listeners a little bit about your background, and a little bit more about yourself.

Dave Knox:                        

Thank you Logan. Looking forward to going on this journey to produce, predict, and [inaudible 00:00:39] with you, so I appreciate all the help.

As a quick introduction, my background is at the intersection of the worlds of big brands and startups. I started my career at Proctor & Gamble, where ultimately I was one of our founders of our corporate digital strategy team, right in that time period where Web 2.0 was emerging.

I then spent the last seven years as the Chief Marketing Officer for a fast growing digital innovation agency called Rockfish, where I helped eventually sell that company to WPP.

On the nights and weekends, I spend my time in the world of startups. I'm an advisor to a few different venture capital funds. I'm also the co-founder of the Brandery, which has regularly been over the last seven years one of the top 15 startup accelerators in the country.

With that intersection, it's the topic of a book that I wrote called Predicting the Turn, which is subtitled: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips.

Logan Lyles:                       

Dave, I'm glad you brought that up. Obviously, your book shares the same name as this podcast. I'd love for you to share with listeners one, a little bit more about your book, and two, how that led you into wanting to start this podcast.

Dave Knox:                        

Predicting the Turn is a book that I wrote really because it was inspired by the world I was living in, in the big brands and the startups. Spending the time of working with companies like P&G, and Kroger, and Ford Motor Company, and then working in night and weekends with startups that were many times actually challenging those very industries that some of those big companies were working in.

Predicting the Turn is meant to be a discussion about that. It's not aimed only at the world of big business or only at the world of startups, but really at the intersection between those two.

Logan Lyles:                       

I love that point there Dave, it's something you and I have talked about in previous conversations offline. Oftentimes what's happening in the world of startups can affect what's happening in the corporate world and vice versa. There can be leading indicators on both sides that can point to what's coming next in both worlds, right?

Dave Knox:                        

Without a doubt. We just saw it this week, there was an announcement that Coca Cola had invested $15 million into this little beverage company called Dirty Lemon. What was interesting when you read the press release, it touched upon Dirty Lemon's got these new beverages, they're really cool, consumers love them.

What it actually talked in the most was how Dirty Lemon has created a new way for brands to connect with consumers through conversational commerce, and text messaging, and everything else. That's what was interesting to Coca Cola, was not just a new brand, but actually a new way to go to market.

That's what's the fascinating thing about this world of innovation and what's taking place.

Logan Lyles:                       

Yes. I love that, that's a phenomenal example. Tell us a little bit more about what listeners can expect, what are some of the topics and the guests that you have lined up for future episodes? What can listeners expect when they tune in to future episodes beyond this one?

Dave Knox:                        

Being a guy that was born and raised in the world of brand building, one of the first things I did when I was thinking about this concept was I reached out and asked an audience what would they want. What came up was what shaped the direction I'll be going with for the show.

On the first part, I'm going to be inviting some of the leaders of some of the biggest brands in the world, chief marketing officers, heads of digital innovation, to talk about the challenges that they're faced with and how they're driving the change within their companies to embrace to this new environment.

Then on the flip side, I'm going to be inviting the venture capital world into the conversations. Having some of the venture capitalists who are the money behind some of the hottest startups out there, the most disruptive companies out there, come talk about how they look at the world of innovation. How are they predicting the turn, given that a venture capitalist, they're not looking for what's going to be the best idea one year from now or two years from now. They're looking at a five to ten year horizon.

We'll bring them on to talk about what they're looking at. Then I'll conclude with bringing in a host of some of those founders and those entrepreneurs that were crazy enough to think that they can change the world, and talk about how they saw an industry that was out there and decided that they were going to be the ones that changed that industry.

It should be a perspective from three different views of the table, with the common thread being everyone looking at how their thinking about predicting the turn.

Logan Lyles:                       

Yes, I love that. The rate of innovation is not slowing down anytime soon. The more that we can gain different perspectives on the changes, the innovations that are shaking up whatever industry that we're in, I think it going to be very, very valuable for a lot of folks.

I love that idea of different angles sitting at the same table. To that note Dave, based on what you said, if people listening to this have ideas for potential guests or topics that they would like to hear in this show, what would be the best way for them to reach out or make any suggestions, connect with you it in that way?

Dave Knox:                        

Email is always the best. I'm a zero inbox guy, so I love getting emails and responding as fast as I can. You can reach out to me at Dave@predictingtheturn.com.

You can also visit me on that same URL of www.predictingtheturn.com, or of course on Twitter, LinkedIn, et cetera. @Dave Knox is the way that you can find me one pretty much every social media channel there is.

Logan Lyles:                       

I love it, awesome. I love your zero inbox mentality, you've always been very responsive. I'm sure listeners will experience the very same thing.

Again, we've been talking to Dave Knox, the new host of Predicting the Turn. That actually wraps it up for this introductory episode. Dave, you'll be taking over the reigns for episode one and beyond.

As I've already said, I think this show is going to add a ton of value for listeners. I know I'm going to be tuning in regularly, I'm really excited to see this show grow.

Thank you so much for making time for this intro episode. It's been great to chat with you once again.

Dave Knox:                         Thank you Logan. We'll talk to everyone soon.

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