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Predicting The Turn:
The high stakes game of business between startups and blue chips

Your guide book for navigating the changing business landscape.

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predicting the turn

The Book

Predicting The Turn

Winner of 2017 Atticus Award Grand Prix, the best-selling Predicting The Turn is your rulebook for the new game of high-stakes business. For business leaders who want to better understand the impact of innovation and how to respond, Predicting The Turn has been praised as “the best book since Clayton Christensen’s ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma'” and a “wake-up call for the Fortune 500.”

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Predicting The Turn™

In a business environment constantly disrupted by innovation, companies need to adapt to a new reality.  Working with Predicting The Turn, new and existing companies can develop the business fundamentals, strategies, and solutions to identify and create innovative business models.

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However belatedly, we’ve absorbed the new truth: in business, size no longer delivers security. Irrespective of sector, digital innovation can make the mightiest quake. Speed beats scale, but speed alone is not enough. Major companies seeking a pilot to help guide them through the new turbulence will find this book of immeasurable value.

Sir Martin Sorrell

The future of innovation is all about connectivity. The largest brands connecting with startups, creating a flywheel of energy. I can't think of a single person more uniquely qualified to connect the dots and layout the playbook for making it happen. Others have written the book on theory, Dave applies over a decade of real world experiences and stories that truly bring the concepts to life.

Tim Kopp
Hyde Park Venture Partners & Former CMO, Exact Target

Few people can meaningfully speak of both the entrepreneur's universe and the Fortune 50. Dave Knox's unique background in these two worlds gives him a perspective like no other. In Predicting the Turn, Knox lays out brilliant-but-simple strategies for how large companies can meet their industries' inevitable disruption head on. Through real-world examples of technology impacting even the most traditional organizations, he shows how the startups, software, and social changes these companies fear might just be their salvation.

Pete Blackshaw
Global Head of Digital & Social Media, Nestlé

The impact of technology has dramatically changed the marketing world, but its impact is much further reaching. Technology has redefined the way brands build relationships with consumers and quickly eroded the significant competitive advantages that large blue chip companies once held. Predicting the Turn gives you a look under the hood on this rapidly changing landscape between traditional brands and startups. Interesting and insightful, this is a must read whether you work in a company of 100,000 or 10.

Adam Weber
CMO, Dollar Shave Club

Dave Knox’s energetic new book is a must-read for big brand leaders. He prepares big company leaders for the new competitive set that operates with radically different business models – and there is no one better to tell this story! Dave has operated successfully in both worlds.

Jim Stengel
President / CEO, The Jim Stengel Company

The Author

Dave Knox

As a brand marketer, venture investor, and startup advisor, Dave Knox bridges the worlds of the Fortune 500 and entrepreneurship. Dave is the author of Predicting The Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips and the former CMO for Rockfish and Managing Director of WPP Ventures. Prior to Rockfish / WPP, Knox was a seven-year veteran of Procter & Gamble, where he was instrumental in the digital turnaround that led to P&G being named to AdAge’s Digital A-List. Dave is a Managing Partner in the VC firm Vine St. Ventures and is the co-founder of The Brandery one of the top startup accelerators in the country.

Dave speaks frequently on digital innovation, including keynotes at NRFTech, Back End of Innovation, Mashable Connect, SXSW, TEDx and iMedia Summit.  Conferences and businesses that are interested in booking Dave for a speaking engagement can learn more at:

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