Dave brought great energy to the room as he presented a compelling and articulate message filled with provocative ideas and helpful advice. He was generous with his time afterward, engaging with our group at his book signing until everyone had a chance to visit with him. From an event organizer’s perspective, it was a pleasure to work with Dave from beginning to end – he was quick to provide content and eager to hop on pre-event calls to ensure that his presentation meshed with the interests and needs of our audience.

We brought Dave as our only Keynote speaker for our first Global Marketers Meeting. This was the first time we were bringing together USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Western Europe marketers. We were all new and needed a kick in the pants to ensure we could disrupt the disruptors. Dave is a super energetic speaker. He focused on teaching us how to create and maintain a culture of innovation and speed. He was the highest rated module of the 4 day event…

As the closing keynote at NRFtech, Dave addressed an audience of retail executives charged with driving innovation in their organization. He provided incredible foresight on predicting trends that are impactful to any business looking to stay ahead of the curve. His warm and energetic speaking style delivered an inspiring and informative presentation that that engaged the audience to the very end.

Dave’s unique experience – spanning brand at P&G, agency at Rockfish, and with entrepreneurs at the Brandery – positions him as a versatile and knowledgeable resource for conference creators and attendees alike. As a speaker, he is dynamic and engaging on both small and large stages. Book Dave for your next event, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Dave challenged us to think differently about everything – exposing us to new start-ups, technologies, and engagement techniques. Most importantly, he encouraged us to NOT follow our own rules but TO follow the rules of our target audience if we want to be invited to play in their sandbox. Working with him is exciting, scary, but ALWAYS delivers the right results.

As a relocation management company that serves some of the world’s biggest businesses, we see the positive workforce implications for those that can recognize and respond to industry changes.  Dave’s presentation delivered a powerful message that companies of all sizes can adapt and even capitalize on the technology and innovation in our rapidly evolving global economy.